Thursday, October 27, 2011

My schools Halloween Party and my Halloween Costume

I have fancy dress party on 31st Oct. 2011. The theme is Halloween, so I have to wear Halloween Mask and Dress. I will wear a dangerous dress; all will see and scared with my dress. As I am wearing skeleton ghost dress. My Halloween outfit will be ready at home only.

I will take a black T-Shirt full sleeve, a black paint, black socks black shoes. Then I will take white paint and brush and make the bones over the dress. I will wear a black mask and I will paint mouth bones.

But in real life I am very much scary from ghosts. Now I thought that I will not be scare with ghosts. So I will become a brave boy and will never scare with ghosts.


  1. Wish you all the best Harsh for your Fancy dress...

  2. but getting scared from Ghosts is natural :) so don't worry about it :) Have lots of fun at Halloween!!!

  3. Hope U did have a great time there Buddy.Luv ur games,videos here.