Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I learn in Microsoft Word (Topic - Hardware and Software)

A computer system is made up of two things:
1) Hardware                       2) Software

                The computer parts that we can see and touch are called Hardware. Some examples of computer hardware are monitor, keyboard, CPU, mouse, CD, printer, floppy etc.

                You know that a computer cannot work on its own. It needs a set of instruction to be given by you. These instructions make the computer work for us. These are called Software. Some examples of computer software are Notepad, Paint, Microsoft Word etc. these software’s are loaded in the hard disk of the computer.

Today I typed one page of Chapter 4 “Hardware and Software” from my computer book. I typed it in Microsoft Word. Today I learned -
1.       Open Microsoft Word
2.       Save file
3.       Alignment, changed Left align to Justify.
4.       How to select text.
5.       How to change color of font.

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